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At The Study we believe that the cultivation of self-discipline is the only way to ensure the long-term success of young people who are soon to take their place in the wider community of the university and the world beyond. Acordingly, each pupil is assigned a personal tutor who oversees his ir her progress in all areas of school life and is also the first point of reference for parents and other teachers. Most importantly, the tutor assists those in his or her care, to take final responsibility for himself or herself.

Self-discipline is also cultivated through responsibilities assigned to pupils throughout the term, both by their teachers and by school prefects. In this school in which all pupils are in the same age group, prefects function as primus inter pares: first among equals. This lends to our student leaders the special challenge of leading from within.

Academically, written reports and parents' days ensure the close cooperation of all stakeholders' in a pupil's progress and makes for a carefully coordinated passage through the Sixth Form years.