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Enrolment at The Study

Students enter The Study in January, April, or September each year, depending on their academic ability, age, and intended course of study at university.

January Entry

This is for very able students who have been predicted outstanding grades at the Sri Lanka GCE O-Level examinations of the preceding December. Such pupils must show evidence of outstanding ability at an entrance examination in Maths and English, and at interview. In most cases a pupil who enters the College in January will be expected to complete his or her course of study in five terms, leaving the school in July of the next year and entering university shortly thereafter. Whilst pupils who satisfy the basic criteria may join the five-tern programme in January each year, final confirmation of this time-frame will be made only after the release of the Sri Lanka GCE O-level results in March each year.

April Entry

Candidates may apply to enter the College in April, having completed all requirements of the Sri Lanka GCE O-Level in December of the previous year. Such candidates will be admitted on the basis of their results at these examinations, as well as of an entrance test in English and in Mathematics. In rare cases it may be possible for such entrants to complete their A-Level studies in four terms; most pupils who join the College in April will be doing so with a view to spending a term adjusting to a new curriculum and medium of instruction, and will then expect to begin their two-year course of A-level studies proper in September of the same year.

September Entry

September marks the official commencement of classes at The Study each year, and most pupils will join the College at this time. Such entry will appeal particularly to those who have recently completed the London GCE O-level examinations, and expect to take the usual six terms to complete their London GCE A-levels. Such pupils will be admitted on the basis of entrance tests in English and Mathematics, and of O-level predictions; their admission will be considered confirmed on the College’s receipt of O-level results in August. Each year a number of pupils enter the College at this time after a break of eight months upon completion of their Sri Lanka O-Level results. The College is very amenable to such applications, provided that candidates show evidence of the purposeful use of this intervening time.

A Summary of Requirements for Pupils Seeking Admission to The Study

  1. A minimum of six Sri Lanka or London GCE O-Level passes or their equivalent, at grade C or above, of which one each must be in English Language and in Mathematics.
  2. Preferably, a B or above in the subjects a pupil wishes to pursue at A-Level; where significant evidence of aptitude for a particular subject is shown, the Principal may at her discretion allow a pupil with a C, or with no previous experience of a subject, to pursue it at A-Level.
  3. A mark of 60% or above in entrance tests in English and Mathematics.
  4. Satisfactory performance at an interview with the Principal and relevant faculty members.
  5. Submission of the application form duly completed.