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The Bridging Course

This highly effective course has been designed to enable students to make an effective and seamless transition between the requirements of the Sri Lanka GCE O-level and those of the London GCE A-level course. This course is open to non registered students as well.

In eight weeks of study, students will have the opportunity to:

  • fill gaps in the syllabus, particularly between the integrated science of the local O-level and the three scentific disciplines (biology, chemistry and physics) of the London A/L
  • master technical terminology necessary for the advanced study of A/L
  • be introduced to the stylistic and pedagogical differences between local and overseas examining boards
  • be assessed for aptitude and suitability for particular A-level subjects
  • obtain rigorous training and practice in the use of the medium language (English)
  • master study skills and begin university and career guidance

Comments of past students of the Bridging Course:

"It is important to my university and career choices that I obtain three As at the London GCE A-levels. By helping me to master and have at my fingertips the appropriate terminology and techniques for A-level study, the Bridging Course ensured that I hit the A-level ground running . . ." JS, Colombo 2010

"I studied for my O-levels in the Sinhala medium. The Bridging Course provided me the opportunity to work extensively at my English and presentational skills, allowing me to begin the London GCE A-level with confidence and efficiency". MP, Kandy 2010

"The Bridging Course gave me an ideal opportunity to spend time with highly qualified teachers discussing my university and career plans in advance of the beginning of A-level study. As a result, I began my A-level course with a real senne of direction." KK, Colombo 2010

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